"What does Yayoi mean?"

Yayoi can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:

弥生, "March"

as a given name

彌生, "extensive, life""

Yayoi contains three couples, the first couple (obviously) being Hisato and Misaki. Their story begins in Spring, which is March, and also in Japan, the new school year also begins in March. The second couple begins in Summer, and the third couple begins in Winter. (There isn't an autumn couple because... *hides*) So with all the seasons there is "full life".

"What is Yayoi about?"

Yayoi's main theme is different forms of love, for example, forbidden love, unrequited love, long distance relationships and so on. Each couple deals with a certain type of love and their way of overcoming it. Values that are included in this story are importance of family, loving yourself, finding a future, growing up, and not giving a shit what society says about you.

"What happened to the old Yayoi?"

It used to be on SmackJeeves as well, but it got taken down. Yayoi was created in 2010, and now it is being remade.

About The Author

The author is known as Illumelnati, which is a combination of her name, Melanie and the word Illuminati. She was born and raised in Malaysia. She has been drawing comics since a very young age and started drawing at the age of four, her favourite things are metal music and the game, MapleStory. You can find her on:

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You can also follow @yayoiwebcomic on twitter for updates and random arts regarding Yayoi!