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"this is really happening"

Pairing: Misaki/Seiryuu/Hisato

Genre: Drabble, Smut, Comedy

Written by: Tapi

Preview: "Misaki is doing the last knot in the corset, giving the lace bindings a firm tug with a warm palm pressed against his inner thigh- as if to remind Hisato that he's here to stay, and Hisato is only his."

This fanfiction was written based off this image!


Pairing: Hatomi/Misaki

Genre: One shot, AU, Fluff, Angst

Written by: StickyBarb

Preview: "She heard Hisato call her name, but his cries felt distant, as though he was miles away. He was telling her to stop, she realised. Her vision turned blank. There was a crack, and the sound of someone collapsing to the ground. There were gasps from around her, and when she felt the sudden aching of her fist, her mind cleared, and she understood. Misaki was knocked on his ass, clutching his jaw painfully."